Sending a MerchBox

By sending a MerchBox, we are able to bring a personal gift experience to merchandise.

We have built MerchBoxes based on Ranges that are popular across different industries and uses. So all you have to do is pick one which fits your requirements, choose the box size you would like and then decide on how you would like to distribute these, we can do this for you to individual addresses or we can deliver in bulk. 

Each MerchBox will be beautifully packed with care, sealed with a sticker which will be branded in your company name. The boxes they are packed in are easy to post allowing for a new way for the end-user to receive and interact with your branded merchandise.

There is a MerchBox for every occasion.

Make My MerchBox

If you would like to build your own MerchBox we are all ears, let’s be creative!  We have a wide range of promotional items to choose from, simply come to us with your requirements, ideas, themes, budget and we will create some mockup MerchBoxes and make your idea into a reality.

The list of possibilities is endless to make a MerchBox unique, personal and of course branded. This can be from the products to the packaging, to the inserts to the over presentation.

Our creative and enthusiastic team are more than happy to help you create and find the perfect MerchBox for you! MerchBoxes are a great product to get creative with, taking your branding to the next level, helping you be remembered and of course taking your brand to the next level of promotional merchandise gifting.

MerchBox will help you create and show the customer exactly what they mean to you and how they are a key part of your business.

Please visit our MerchBox section and our featured Boxes in home page for more examples of boxes we can get for you !